Taxes & Assessments

Getting Tax information
Tax information for properties in Casco Township can be looked up online at the Allegan County website, On the left side of the County home page, click "Search Tax Records." This is the same data used by Casco Treasurer, Lu Winfrey.

If you wish to contact Lu, she keeps hours at the Township each Tuesday and Wednesday,
9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.,

Summer taxes are due September 14. Bills are mailed around July 1.
Winter taxes are due February 14. Bills are mailed around Dec 1.
Assessment Information
Casco Township's assessment needs are provided by Nathan Brousseau and Brousseau Appraisal Services, Inc.

Nathan Brousseau

Nathan Brousseau and his staff provide on-site Assessment office hours at the Casco Township Hall on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m..

Frequently requested information:

Basic Explanation of Property
Assessments and Taxes

Affidavit for Principal Homestead Exemption Form for Rescinding PRE

Reassessment Recently Completed
Brousseau Appraisal Services, Inc. recently reassessed all real property in the Township. Now, Casco Township's assessments are complete with photographs of all buildings, measurements, and a sketch of each parcel. Moreover, all valuations are tied to one another via computer database, so as the assessments are set, the mathematical rationale is readily available.

The Board has established an ongoing relationship with Brousseau Appraisal Services (beyond the basic assessment services). Brousseau Appraisal Services will evaluate 20% of all real property each year, as a way of keeping things current in the assessments, and keeping records up to date in an ongoing manner. This approach to assessment has been recommended by the State of Michigan.
Board of Review
The Board of Review holds hearings in March of every year to hear protests regarding the valuation of properties.

If you wish to protest the assessed value of your property, you may make an appointment to appear before the Board of Review by calling the township offices at 269-637-4441. Residents are also permitted to file a protest by mail or fax, by Board of Trustees resolution. 

Protesters must sign a form for their petition to be considered by the Board.

Here is information about how to prepare your statement to the Board of Review.

Allan W. Overhiser, Supervisor
6317 107th Avenue

Recording Secretary:
Ruth Hewitt
332 63rd Street

Richard Barden
7026 109th Avenue

Blanche Wilkinson
111th Avenue

Joe Tubilewicz
630 Waters Edge

Ken DeWitte
628 68th Street

Nathan Brousseau
7104 107th Ave.

The Board of Review also meets in July and December to address mutual mistakes and clerical errors.